Natalia Duarte 
Modern & Historical Violist, Pedagogue

Music lessons

Coming up!

I'm starting group lessons for small children ages 0-3 using the principles of Gordon's Music Learning Theory in Reykjavik.

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About me as a pedagogue

As a musician and pedagogue, teaching is part of my regular professional activities: I teach violin, viola, orchestra, ear training and introduction to music for students of all ages and levels. I have also led masterclasses and workshops in several institutions in Costa Rica, Spain and Italy.
With the desire to expand my teaching knowledge, I obtained a master's degree in instrumental pedagogy in the Conservatory of Padua in 2022, and wrote a thesis on the use of improvisation as a didactic tool for string ensembles. I have also completed the basic level of Gordon's Music Learning Theory (MLT) for children from ages 0-6.

Credits: Erin McKinney
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